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Celebration Pack

Celebration Pack

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Elevate your party experience with a complete Home Drink Solution. 

Jimmy’s Celebration Pack - 0% ABV comes with our entire range of Finely Crafted Low-Cal Drink Mixers, along with a Drink Shaker, Bar Blade, Peg Measure & a Stirring Spoon/Garnish Fork – everything you need to #BringTheBarHome!

What’s Inside the Pack?
• 1 x Drink Shaker
• 1 x Peg Measure
• 1 x Garnish Fork with Stirring Spoon
• 1 x Bar Blade
• 1 x Jimmy’s Drink Mixer – Whiskey Sour
• 1 x Jimmy’s Drink Mixer – Margarita
• 1 x Jimmy’s Drink Mixer – Cosmopolitan
• 1 x Jimmy’s Drink Mixer – Bloody Mary

Each Cocktail mixer makes 2 drinks

Jimmy’s Drink Shaker
Mix better and show off your mixology skills with Jimmy’s Drink Shaker. Made with top quality food-grade stainless steel in a sleek black finish, it’s crafted for easy home use and mixology enthusiasts

Jimmy’s Bar Blade
Get your drink party started with ease. Jimmy’s Bar Blade is as smooth to use as its drink mixers

Jimmy’s Peg Measure
Ensure the perfect balance of drink in your mixers, every serve

Jimmy’s Stirring Spoon with Garnish Fork
Fix your Mix perfectly with this unique double-sided spook to stir, and fork to garnish your drinks in style

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