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Premium Party Pack

Premium Party Pack

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The Drink Party Starts Here!
Play the perfect host with Jimmy’s limited edition party pack. An ideal gift, its designed to elevate any house party with this complete home cocktail solution. Its got everything you need to raise any festive gathering into a perfect Drink Party!

What’s Inside The Pack?
2 x Crystal Whisky Glasses
1 x Copper Peg Measure
1 x Garnish Fork & Stirring Spoon
1 x Jimmy’s Drinks – Whiskey Sour
1 x Jimmy’s Drinks – S*x on The Beach
1 x Jimmy’s Drinks – Cosmopolitan
1 x Jimmy’s Drinks – Mango Chilli Mojito

Each cocktail mixer makes 2 drinks

Crystal Whisky Glasses
Perfect drinks at home require perfect glassware. Aram glasses are made in fine European crystal, known for its unique ‘clink’ sound. The special glass composition known as crystalline does not contain any lead or any other pollutants or toxins.

Drink Tools
Mix like a pro with this copper peg measure. Stir on one side, pick garnish from the other. Looks good in your bar, makes perfect drinks.

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