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House Party Essentials

House Party Essentials

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Jimmy’s® Party Essentials Kit
Jimmy's® Party Essentials Kit brings you 8 Finely Crafted Low-Cal Cocktail Mixers and a Cocktail Shaker right to your Bar!

Elevate your parties with Jimmy's®!
Make perfect drinks in 3 simple steps: ICE IT, SPIKE IT, JIMMY IT!

1. Margarita x 1
2. Bloody Mary x 1
3. Whisk*y Sour x 1
4. S*x On The Beach x 1
5. Cosmopolitan x 1
6. Mango Chilli Mojito x 1
7. G'n Cherry Sour x 1
8. The New Old Fashioned x 1
9. Cocktail Shaker x 1

Mix better and show off your mixology skills with Jimmy’s Drink Shaker. Made with top quality food grade stainless steel in a sleek black finish, it’s crafted for easy home use and mixology enthusiasts

- Makes 18 drinks | Perfect for small gatherings
- 0% ABV (0% Alcohol)
- Low calorie per serve | No artificial sweeteners
- Crafted By India’s #1 Mixologist
- Made with the highest quality ingredients sourced from all over the world

1 Bottle (250ML) | Makes 2 finely crafted Drinks
Just pour over ice & V'dka, G'n, Wh'sky or R'm, or enjoy straight up on ice as a Non-Alcoholic Mocktail.

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